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Information Centre


Information Centre SPŠ Zlín



Information Centre is a school facility integrated into formative-educational programme of SPŠ Zlín. The library is both operationally and architecturally designed as multifunctional workplace tended by skilled staff with library education and experience.


Universal information system CLAVIUS is installed for activities regarding records, cataloguing and registering loans. The barcode technology is used for keeping records of loans.


The library also fulfils a function of the specialized classroom. It is used in the lessons of the Czech language, literature, foreign language conversations, for listening and watching different types of audiovisual media, tuition via the Internet.

The reading room with a capacity of 24 study places is a part of the library. It enables extracurricular activities of the students.


A civilized, pleasant atmosphere of the library offers a cultural, social and relaxation background. It is a place much sought after. Students’ mutual conversation takes place there and students can enjoy watching sports broadcasts together. The library is used for projection, too.

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